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LG Business Solutions at trade fairs

This spring, LG Business Solutions presents itself at the Passenger Terminal Expo in Stockholm and the Hitech in Amsterdam.

Trade fairs in various sectors, where needs to be expressed unambiguously that LG is a reliable partner for companies in all these various branches. 
With the product offer of LG being so extensive, at trade shows choices are made which relevant product solutions will be presented. At the Passenger Terminal Expo & Conference, the focus is at the presentation of the latest high-tech signage materials used in the airport industry. At hospitality trade show Hitech the content management solutions for hotels are highlighted.
Last year LG challenged a number of stand-builders to create the ideal presentation for LG at trade shows. Hypsos presented their vision on how in a styled representation of reality, products and innovations could be presented. After the awarding of the contract the stand concept was fine-tuned, translated into practical materials and good stand solutions, to build the first presentations of LG in Stockholm and Amsterdam.

At Hitech visitors will be shown a demo of various hotel solutions, such as the LG Hotel TV Line up. In addition LG’s high-tec signage are highlighted. On the Passenger Terminal Expo, main subjects are the interactive solutions including so called flight information display systems. Both stands have an open character, which encourages dialogue with trade fair visitors.

Hypsos was responsible for producing the stand designs for the LG Business Solutions presentations and executed the stand construction into every detail.

Trade show participation coming up?

A trade show participation offers you the unique opportunity to be face to face with your target group. We would like to assist you in grabbing that opportunity and produce powerful stand designs so that your stand presentation will have "stopping power". We think results-oriented. Please fill in the form below, or send your stand designs to this mail address and we will get in contact with you.

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