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May 8
Leon Wind
sales manager cultural

Hypsos enters Floriade 2022 Business Club

Hypsos has joined the Floriade Business Club, an initiative of mainly Almere entrepreneurs to promote the upcoming world horticultural event Floriade.

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February 4
Posted in News
Eric Beekmans
Project manager

Shimano Experience build-up has started

The Shimano Experience for cyclists, anglers and rowers, will soon open its doors at a former brewery site in Valkenburg. The Shimano Experience Center will give visitors the opportunity to share their passion for cycling, fishing and rowing, and experience products Shimano offers in these three areas.

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January 23
Posted in News
Yolande Lorist

WFP presentation at Davos 2019

TheWorld Food Programme presents itself at the the World Economic Forum in Davos to fight for a healthy world without hunger.

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