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May 8
Leon Wind
sales manager cultural

Hypsos enters Floriade 2022 Business Club

Hypsos has joined the Floriade Business Club, an initiative of mainly Almere entrepreneurs to promote the upcoming world horticultural event Floriade.

The Floriade World Horticultural Exhibition has been held in a Dutch location once every 10 years since 1960. The coming Floriade 2022 will be held in Almere.

The Floriade Business Club was founded in the spring of 2017. It is a unique network organization for ambitious entrepreneurs who not only want to grow their business, but who also think it is important to make the world a little better. Driven entrepreneurs, who want to do business in a sustainable and responsible way and who want to contribute to the Floriade Almere 2022.

Hypsos has a long history of developing and realizing controversial projects / pavilions at world horticultural exhibitions including the Floriade. See some of these projects:

. Terra Futura pavillion at Floriade

. Green Trade Centre at Floriade

background information world horticultural exhibitions:
Just as with the World Expo, the Bureau des Expositions from Paris (website: BIE) is the umbrella organization for world horticultural exhibitions, among which the Floriade can count.


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