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Ramon van Hoeven
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Bait Al Naboodah Museum in Sharjah, Emirates

The Bait Al Naboodah Museum in Sharjah, Emirates, has been completely renovated recently.

This house originally belonged to Obaid Bin Eissa Bin Ali Al Shamsi, nicknamed Al Naboodah, who lived in this house, which was built in 1845, with his wife and seven children. Today this charming habitat is a signature of timeless traditions and thoughtful architectural insights of the forefathers of this region. In 1995 it opened its doors as a museum, in order to revive the UAE heritage and bear witness to a rich history, which is still cherished today.

Hypsos in Dubai has worked closely with their customer to design and build this unique experience, preserving the rich authentic architecture of the Emirates, but adding sophisticated well designed exhibits and interpretive graphic elements to create an interesting and memorable experience.

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