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The Sun Museum
Tim Large
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Sun Museum in Hong Kong opened its Doors

The Sun Museum opened its doors to the public on May 15, 2015 with the exhibition “Dawn off a Sunny Century: 20th Century Chinese Paintings from the Yitao Collection”.

As a non-profit organization funded by the Simon Suen Foundation, the private institution aims to promote appreciation of Chinese art and culture, as well as cultivate and support aspiring Chinese artists. The 500m2 exhibition gallery incorporates aspects of Chinese feng shui in its design, layout and colour scheme and a 230m2 outdoor deck allows for special art installations, events and public programs.

Working together with Edge Design Institute, Hypsos was tasked with providing the supply, fabrication and installation of the complete interior fit out, electrical and mechanical services, humidity control, display cases and all special finishes required to bring the gallery spaces to life. The project took 9 months to complete.

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