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Radsjesh Kumar
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'Ways of Seeing' opened in Abu Dhabi

New York University Abu Dhabi Art Gallery presents the exhibition: ‘Ways of seeing’, This is an art gallery that takes place from 3 September until November 17. The gallery is curated by Sam Barbauil and Till Fellrath. The exhibition brings together 26 artists with 41 various works varying from media, painting, sculpture and photography to sound, film and installation.

Sam Barbauil and Till Fellrath are the independent curators and academics, and founders of the interdisciplinary curatorial platforms Art Reoriented in New York and Munich. They are also Chairmen of the Montblanc Cultural Foundation in Hamburg, and Curators at the Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin.

“We want to encourage museum visitors to not take at face value what they’re presented with,” says Till Fellrath, one of the two curators behind NYUAD Art Gallery’s new show, Ways of Seeing. “It’s been pre-chosen by a curator or a museum to tell a pre-chosen story. A museum visitor needs to understand the bigger context or understand what else could be there.”

Hypsos has designed and executed the exhibition ‘Ways of Seeing’ in the New York University Abu Dhabi Art Gallery.

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