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Pop-Up ‘s–Hertogenbosch

From mid-August, the buyer of a new Volkswagen, Audi or VW company car can visit the Pop-Up's-Hertogenbosch, a City Store of cardealer Van den Udenhout, in the former V&D-building located on the Schapenmarkt in Den Bosch.

Experience is the most important thing in the Pop-Up's-Hertogenbosch, which is reflected in the diversity of products and the many digital features. A new way of shopping.

Cardealer Van Udenhout is the founder of Pop-Up's-Hertogenbosch. The idea came from Director Kurt Verhees.  
He himself grew up in in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, worked at a downtown location and saw the empty building on the Schapenmarkt as an opportunity: "less and less people visit automobile showrooms. This applies not only to us, but the entire industry. "

With Pop-Up's-Hertogenbosch Van den Udenhout does research to the feasibility of a permanent downtown cardealer. 

Verhees: "you go to a car showroom with a certain idea. Customers who go to the Pop-Up's-Hertogenbosch haven’t always. We explain a lot on digital screens and there is not, like almost every cardealer, immiditately a seller in front of you who want to sell you a car. "

Designed by Buro Qua, Hypos provided the décor of this pop-up car experience by the production of various interior elements. Furthermore the integration of various prominent digital displaysolutions were provided by Hypsos. Besides this Hypsos helped Van den Udenhout in the content process for new techniques such as HYPSOS. CLICK.  Info about Hypsos Digital or HYPSOS. Click? Read more at Hypsos Digital

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