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Stella McCartney (Shanghai) Ltd.
Tim Large
project manager

Stella McCartney Flagship Store Façade Beijing

Hypsos developed a stunningly unique facade for the Stella McCartney flagship store at the Parkview Green Mall in Beijing, which is representative of the brand’s growing popularity in the China market..

Hypsos was responsible for the engineering, fabrication and installation of the façade support structure, fabrication and installation of the 750 piece diamond façade, interface cladding with the mall finishes, lighted logo installation and installation of backlit Corian clad light boxes on either side. The design specifications required extremely tight tolerance of 3 mm to be consistently maintained between each tile so that the diagonal lines are crisply parallel.
The skylight ceiling provides ample daytime lighting and the diamond tiles create remarkable reflective patterns. The effect changes subtly in the evening with additional focused lighting. The project required close coordination between Moving Brands, the UK based design team, the owner, the Beijing based project management team, statutory authorities and mall owner, and our China based fabrication team.

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