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Hotspot for the Circular Economy

On 1 april, the Circular exhibition EXPO, the new driver of the circular economy in Netherlands, was officially opened by Dutch Secretary of State mrs. Dijksma.

The Circular Expo, in a converted farmhouse adjacent to Park 2020 in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, is supposed to inspire and interest national and international parties to speed up the transition towards a circular economy. More than 25 organisations, including Schiphol Group, Eneco, municipality of Amsterdam, Interface and Philips show their innovative projects at the expo in the coming eighteen months.

The organizations behind Netherlands Circular Hotspot, including Circle Economy and the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands, aim to position as a circular hotspot. Valley is developing itself near Schiphol to a fully circular built business park. At this location circular knowledge, developments and businesses worldwide should merge.

The modular character of the Circular exhibition, enables the Expo to be most flexible over the next 18 months, and to be supplemented with the latest innovations and developments in the field of circular economy in Netherlands. The exhibition is designed by Christiaan Kruis, FairWorld Concepts and realized by Hypsos, in collaboration with Perspekt Studio’s.

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Photo credit by Barbara Kieboom Photography

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