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instore communication

Point-of-sale merchandizing effectively influences the customers buying habits, whether it be permanent or temporary.

Hypsos guarantees effective design solutions for all point-of-sale material to meet the markets needs and communication objectives. Since products are unique our concepts are unique and targeted to match. A shop display as a 'stand alone' medium, or as an integrated part of an overall campaign can make all the difference to sales figures; Hypsos can deliver the entire retail process, from design, production and implementation of ever-changing product presentations to meet the clients needs.

Interested what Hypsos can do for your organisation?

You can contact us for a complete store interior, implementation, pop-up stores or displays. Interested in an appointment so we can generate ideas for brand perception in the store for your company or product? Call us at +31 346 357500, mail to info@hypsos.com or fill in this form. We will be pleased to contact you.

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