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In response to the growth of concessions in large department stores and shop in shop franchising, hypsos has developed strong skills in creating merchandizing opportunities to maximize brand and product awareness effectively, ensuring increased sales for clients. Hypsos specialize in designing, building and installing shop-in-shop solutions cost effectively and to the highest standards.

Hypsos creates retail shop in shop solutions effectively, so the client can move quickly when retail opportunities are spotted. Hypsos creates strong concepts that can be actioned and delivered fast in response to customer needs. From obtaining permits, undertaking utility works, fabricating in-house to the highest standards and installing in a fast and efficient manner. A one stop shop.

Interested what Hypsos can do for your organisation?

You can contact us for a complete store interior, implementation, pop-up stores or displays. Interested in an appointment so we can generate ideas for brand perception in the store for your company or product? Call us at +31 346 357500, mail to info@hypsos.com or fill in this form. We will be pleased to contact you.

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